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From the official press release: "Aquafadas MotionComposer simplifies Flash and HTML5 creation by generating interactive web content in Flash and HTML5 at the same time.

MotionComposer you can create your own animations and interactive objects without writing a single line of code. Just combine pictures and texts in MotionComposer’s user interface, and have them animated automatically through ready-to-use transitions.

MotionComposer is an easy-to-use authoring tool, built on familiar and user-friendly concepts such as slides, states, and actions.

MotionComposer, makes it easy to create custom banners, animated buttons or dynamic additions for websites and blogs."

Key features:

  • No coding required.
  • Simple user interface. 
  • Rendering of Flash® and HTML5 in a single step.
  • Publish content to any computer, smartphone, and tablet, including iPhone and iPad.
  • Smart fallback switches to HTML5 when Flash® is not supported, with close to 100% fidelity.
  • Compatible with iBooks Author

Mac and PC versions available

Pricing: $149

Free trial version available here: 


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