Build A Music Slideshow Of Your Favorite World Destinations: TripWow | Presentation Tools |
Robin Good: This has got to be one of the most fun ways to create a great holiday vacation memories slideshow with music and animation, I have ever seen so far.


Hats to TripAdvisor for having created a fantastic viral marketing machine that creates great shareable content that looks great, makes users happy and carries the TripAdvisor brand in a thousand more directions.

Here's how it works:

1) Set titles and co-stars

2) Upload your favorite pics from world destinations from Flickr/Picasa/your own folders.

2) Tag each photo with a world location and an optional caption. Rotate, drag and reposition anywhere you want.

3) Assign a music track to each world destination or upload your own mp3s.

4) Select an animated theme for your slideshow.

5) Preview, edit, refine, publish.

The final slideshow, which looks fantastic, can be shared on all major social networks, can be embedded on any site or published to your Wordpress or Tumblr blog.

Finally you can even save a copy of it, as long as at least 10 people have already watched it. 

My own example built in about 30 mins: 

The service is completely free.

Must see. 10/10

Try it now: