SlideShare Alternative: Create Dynamic Presentations That Integrate Images, Video and Live Feed with Projeqt | Presentation Tools |

Robin Good: Now that SlideShare has significanty restricted its free offerings, limiting the size of presentations that can be uploaded for free, many presenters like me have started looking again for valid alternatives.

Among the many options available, one interesting and feature-rich presentation sharing service is Projeqt, which not only allows you to upload your existing presentations or PDFs, but it allows you to edit, extend and even create new presentations containing also dynamic elements (live tweets or blog feeds, interactive maps, audio notes or video clips).

"Projeqt is simple, intuitive and highly social, playing nice with other platforms by allowing you to mesh together text, image, video and feeds within the same Projeqt."

Key features include:

-> Stacks - build deeper inside a presentation by creating stacks in place of individual slides

-> Cross-platform - works on any modern browser, mobile device or tablet.

-> Upload PPT, PDF or batches of image files

-> Embed everywhere

-> Link together and connect as many presentations as you like.

-> Multiple display options



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