The Tiniest Presentation Remote Control Is a Mouse: The Logitech Cube | Presentation Tools |

Logitech has just announced a new type of mouse that is as small as large pencil eraser, has no cables and can act as a perfect remote controller for presenters needing to manage the flow of their slides during a live event.

In fact, as the Cube is lifted from any surface on which it was resting, it auto-swtiches to "remote control presentation mode" allowing you to progress through your slide deck with a simple scrolling movement of your finger on it.

The tiny Logitech Unifying® receiver connects up to six Unifying-compatible devices with a powerful, reliable wireless connection (up to 25 meters). So the Cube works with your other Logitech Unifying devices without taking up another USB port.

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The Cube will be on sale this January for $69.99

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(Curated by Robin Good)