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Robin Good: Label59 is a web app which allows you to create visuals with interactive info and links to highlight a physical product key features.

You basically select hot-spots on an image of a product, and then go after providing specific content for each one.

See an array of examples of what you can do here: http://www.label59.com/features.htm 

The following "publishing" options are available for your finished product:

- Direct Link
- Email
- Embed Code (for embedding the demo in your webpage)
- Download as ZIP Folder
- Save as Image (JPG | PNG)

As you publish your demo, a direct link (hosted on Label 59 cloud)

is instantly generated. You can also download a ZIP folder
containing all the related files (requires Credits or a Premium

Wtach a demo video: http://www.label59.com/screencast.htm

Pricing: http://www.label59.com/pricing.htm

More info: http://www.label59.com/