Robin Good: Haiku Deck is an iPad app that makes it easy for anyone to create a highly visual and professionally-looking presentation with the minimum of effort.

Haiku Deck utilizes an approach that I think you are going to see increasingly around. "Embedded design" is the word I use for now to describe it. With it I mean the integration of design restrictions and limitations within the functionalities of the tool so that it is actually "impossible" to create something looking bad or amateurish.

And this is exactly what Haiku Deck provides. At the expense of some creative freedom (you have plenty of tools for that) Haiku Deck has decided to specialize in helping those that prefer investing more in finding the right ideas and words to communicate rather than juggling slide components around the screen to find the perfect balance.

Haiku Deck goes also a long way in helping you communicate in a highly visual format by making it extremely easy to find the images you need by looking for all of the Creative Commons-licensed images available out there that match your keywords or your specific requests.

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(Thanks to Gaetano Costa for suggesting it to me)