Robin Good: I am speechless. This is one of the best visual communication tools I have seen this year. allows anyone to create effective doodle animations with the minimum of complexity and with really excellent results. has been available as an iOS app already for some time, but now a desktop version is also available.

I have purchased both the iOS and the desktop version of and I have been blown out of my socks after I have seen with my eyes what this little app can do. Amazing.

There is a great library of vector art included, plus the software can scour the Internet searching for other vector images to use in your doodle animations. Not only. VideoScribe takes care automatically of crediting the original image authors/source.

A music soundtrack can be easily added by utilizing the licensed tracks available and you can also record your own voice-over. can export finalized doodles at different resolution levels from low quality to HD, and as JPG/PNG sequences or standard .MOV files. The final video can be saved locally, uploaded directly to YouTube or your Dropbox account or shared on Facebook.

See how VideoScribe works in this video: 

You can get only by purchasing a Sparkol PRO license (apx. €15/month) here:

More info: