The Best Remote For Your PowerPoint Presentations: Slideshow Remote | Presentation Tools |

Robin Good: Slideshow Remote is a mobile app optimized for iPhone/iPad capable of controlling and delivering your PowerPoint presentation with or without the support of a desktop computer.

Key features:

  • Download slides and notes to your device 
  • Displays current and next slide
  • Next, previous, first, last slide
  • Slider to reach any slide
  • Blank the screen
  • Timer
  • New offline viewer to present without a PC
  • Open menu to switch between active presentations
  • External VGA display support (iPad and iPhone 4)
  • See all your slides as thumbnails

Supported Windows Apps:

Windows PowerPoint 2003/2007/2010
Adobe Acrobat, MS Word and Excel
Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari
Open Office

N.B.: Slideshow Remote works best with Windows PowerPoint but can also control any application that supports page up & page down keys.

Download in the App Store: ($4.99)

More info: