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Robin Good: Vix.tv is a service that works in tandem with Microsoft Kinect and your presentation to make it possible for you to appear in front of the content you are presenting.

The Kinect webcam captures your image as you present and overlays it on the presentation content you are delivering to your online audience.

Works with any existing content: PowerPoint, desktop software, web pages, Prezi... anything.

Key features: 

  • Download mp4 video
  • Detailed analytics
  • Scene-by-scene navigation of vix
  • Audience viewing on any browser or mobile device

A free basic account includes 50 hours of private hosting per month, video overlay, and quality set at 360p. Paid accounts offer more hours and higher quality.

See an example: https://vix.tv/view/h6 

See how it works: http://bit.ly/HFdoPA 

Pricing: https://vix.tv/pricing 

N.B.: Vix.tv works only on Windows 7 and Windows Vista PCs.

More info: https://vix.tv