Robin Good: You have probably already seen a few of the outstading doodle animated videos done by Jorn Nielsen, the king of this art, in some notable clips from RSA called RSA Animates.

These videos are really fantastic, as the unfolding illustrations and characters keep you engaged and focused throughout the clip.

I would certainly recommend this type of video presentation to anyone who has a difficult concept to illustrate or the need to promote a concept, an idea or a product in a way that sticks out from the rest.

And while I would blindly recommend Jorn's work, not every publisher or marketing department can easily afford that level of quality and artistry.

As an alternative to those who may have a tighter budget may present itself as an promising alternative.

I don't know yet what their pricing is on these doodle videos, but it is certainly good, for all parties involved there is more than one option to look into.

If you find out more, on services, resources and tools that can help you create great doodle animated videos, do not hesitate to let me know. 

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