Record and Publish Your Video-Presentation with PresentationTube | Presentation Tools |

Robin Good: PresentationTube is a downloadable software (for Windows and soon for Mac too) that focuses on helping you open an existing PowerPoint presentation to record over it your video and voice-over. 

The final output can be saved in a vriety of standard file formats and can be published to PresentationTube or to any other video sharing site.

Key additional features include:

- Whiteboard

- Integrated zoomable browser

- Pause recording anytime

- Output to WMV, FLV, AVI

- Multiple output layout options

Free and paid versions avilable. (The free version is limited to:
- Only 15 mins video recording time length.
- Limited video recording options.
- Personal and home use only license. Paid version is $50).

Download and instructions:


Try it out now: